Kali's Heel

Kali’s Heel

An Annie Gilbert Mystery

By Carolyn Brown Heinz

Exotic locations, evil swamis and international art thieves

In this first of the Annie Gilbert mystery series, Carolyn Brown Heinz masterfully fuses history, art, anthropology, and antiquities smuggling.

Annie Gilbert is asked to carry an ancient artifact back to India and return it to a young woman ascetic. But when she arrives in the holy town of Rishikesh in the Himalayan foothills, the woman is missing and other girls are being coerced into erotic rituals.

Against the backdrop of exotic India, Annie battles a charismatic swami building a cult around a priceless image of the goddess Kali and grapples with a mystery that pulls her deeper into an ancient landscape of classical Indian art and powerful goddesses. Drawing from an India past and present, Annie races to find answers and decide whom to trust.

Jane Eyre meets the 21st century

When Jane St. John gets a plum summer job as the nanny for a family in St. Barths, she hopes her troubled past is far behind.

But from the first ill-fated flight, to the prickly housekeeper, abrasive employer and a stalker who may or may not be trying to kill her, Jane’s hopes for happy summer days are fading fast. When noises and ghostly visitations trouble her nights, she suspects more than just the past is haunting her. Could other more terrifying family secrets be hiding in the old house?

This retelling of the classic Charlotte Brontë Gothic novel,  Jane Eyre, includes everything you loved about the original, updated for the 21st Century. More than a modern Gothic romance, Jane is the coming-of-age story of a 21st century feminist and an engrossing read for anyone that likes Gothic romances and feminist ideas.



By Penelope C. Bell


The Pirates of Bair Island

The Absolutely True Adventures of the Amazing Faradays

By Susan Katherine Rits

Time-traveling steampunk pirates

What if it turned out that your grandfather invented time travel, your parents were airship pilots, and your aunt was a pirate?

When Chloe and Bella lose their parents in a terrible time-traveling disaster, they’re shipped off to their last remaining relative. Auntie Sue seems to be a very old woman living on a very dirty boat. But not everything is what it seems.

Little do they know that the boat is a famous pirate ship, and their aunt the infamous Disastrous Pirate Sue. The girls and their aunt embark on a wild adventure to the past to rescue their parents and stop von Helmholtz from destroying the last remaining time-travel machine.

Thus begins the absolutely true account of the amazing Faradays, a family to whom wonderful (and often quite dreadful) things are always happening. Chloe and Bella are just discovering that this is their family.

Doctor Who meets Mary Poppins in this cheeky, rollicking adventure to the past decked out in full Steampunk fashion.


Book 1

The Girl from Ithaca

By Cherry Gregory


Book 2

The Walls of Troy

By Cherry Gregory

A woman’s view of the Trojan War

Book 1: A Spartan war ship sails into Ithaca and two men arrive to demand the fulfilment of an oath.

When Odysseus joins the Greek alliance against Troy, his young sister, fourteen-year-old Neomene, is thrust into a world she knows little about. Soon she is embroiled in the destiny of Achilles and the fate of Troy itself.

Book 2: It is seven years into the siege at Troy and Neomene finds herself defending the Greek camp against fever and Trojan attack.

Neomene of Ithaca, younger sister of Odysseus, reveals what Homer never knew: a woman’s view of the Trojan War.

“I have nothing but praise for this vast, sweeping, yet enjoyably accessible interpretation of the Trojan legends. Ms Gregory has done her Hom-er work well, and the result is a fascinating and finely woven tapestry worthy of Penelope herself.”

Frank Kusy, author of Rupee Millionaires

“The pace and excitement of Cherry Gregory’s first book, The Girl from Ithaca, is well matched here and the revisiting of the Greek myths imaginatively worked. The climatic tension between Achilles and Agamemnon keeps the pages turning, the reader becoming totally involved in Neomene’s survival.”

Rosalind Minett, author of Me-Time Tales and Intrusion: A Relative Invasion

Angel of Iron

By TK Shideler

Game of Thrones meets Battlestar Galactica

With the World-Eater fast approaching and the Inferi on the rise, will Azrael, Gabrielle and the other Descendants of the Saints be able to save IronHelm?

It has been 1200 years since the World-Eater was vanquished, and still mankind and the inferi are at war. Now, the only thing standing between humanity and utter annihilation are the Descendants: the last meager remains of epic champions called the Saints. But with the sub-human inferi pressing upon them, time is running out. And all the while, a galactic menace lurks in the shadow, waiting to take its revenge: Witch the World-Eater.

TK Shideler has created a work of epic vision, detail, and imagination. Angel of Iron transports us to a galaxy of ancient evils and futuristic technology, where genetic mutation and millenium-old hatreds threaten to destroy the last remaining bastion of humanity. Join the Descendants of the Saints in a journey that reaches into the heart of the Ironhelm series. Angel of Iron is the first book in the Chronicles of Ironhelm.

“Angel of Iron is one of the most gripping books I have read in quite some time…This is a book you won’t be able to put down, and once you finish you’ll want to re-read.”

Joanna Lloyd

“Shideler’s Angel of Iron throws the reader into an intense futuristic world, immersing them in an entirely new culture. This is certainly no run of the mill post-apocalyptic story…a thrilling, fascinating start to what will be an excellent series.”

Lacy Llana

If you liked Bridget Jones’s Diary, you’ll love SOS I Love You

It’s all fun and games until someone goes missing, the Cuerpo Nacional de Policia show up, and Abi loses everything she really cares about.

When Abigail takes a week-long vacation to Ibiza with her best girls for a hen party, she expects sun, sand and a little bit of drinking. Okay, a lot of drinking. But she doesn’t expect her mother to show up and start romancing an elderly tourist, especially when Dad is holding down the fort at home. Or to find herself swept away (literally) by a multimillionaire on his yacht. Or that one of her besties would betray her deepest secret and her fiancé would call off the wedding.

Join Abi and the girls for rollicking fun in the sun and a little back-stabbing and nail-biting thrown in for good measure. A must for your summer reading list!

“This book is a real page turner…I’m very much looking forward to reading more from Jones.”

Emma Harris

“I couldn’t put it down…You will love this book if you like Lindsey Kelk books.”

Samantha Bates

“I was hooked from the moment Abi’s boisterous and unapologetic voice burst onto the page…a hilarious cast of characters, and the escapist Ibiza setting. Can’t wait to read more in the sequel!”

Sophia Davies

SOS I Love You

By Katina Jones