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Why Customer Experience is Your Brand

 Why should you understand customer experience and make sure it's a part of your business plan? Because customer experience is your business. It is the look & feel, product, marketing, and relationships that your company creates. It's the sum of all the parts. It's your brand, baby! Imagine You Walk into a Store... So imagine [...]

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Ship, or Else it Doesn’t Count

Pay for performance. The key differences between someone who is paid to produce a product and someone paid to work, is that shippers don't get paid until they complete the job. When you're bootstrapping you can only afford to pay for what ships.   This morning, while I was doing the email-twitter-facebook-coffee ritual that I [...]

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REVIEW: Let’s Lunch If You Can

Find the Let's Lunch website here.   Let's Lunch is an uber-cool startup here in San Francisco (and New York, and just opened in Spain) that matches professionals for lunch dates. I love the concept and I've been on a bunch of great lunches with investment bankers, engineers, other entrepreneurs and people that I'd like to [...]

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REVIEW: GoDaddy and Network Solutions

You know those old-style websites like Networksolutions.com and GoDaddy.com? Why are they still in business? They are such an utter nightmare to use, and completely pointless with the burgeoning new cloud-based, user friendly sites like Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram. I just can’t understand why they still exist.   First We Kill all the Legacy Websites All [...]

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