Project Description

Project Description


See if you can identify the user’s goal in a few applications.


What it is.

A goal is what you’re trying to achieve. In applications, that would be something like “send an email to my dad” or “find out what movies are playing near me.”

How it’s used.

We identify the users’ goals first, before we start designing the interface, so that we can be sure we make it simple for them to get to those goals.

Once we know what their goals are — and there are probably many with any application — we can start working on a list of tasks that they’ll have to accomplish to reach those goals.

Goal v Task

The goal is what the user is trying to achieve. e.g. send an email or order a movie ticket. A task is each step he takes to reach that goal.


  • Practice identifying user goals.

Tips & Tricks

Goals are the end result
Tasks are steps taken to get to the goal

Your Assignment

Identify the user goal in 3-4 different applications.


Remember, any one application has multiple user goals. Try to find as many goals as you can for at least 3 applications.




List the applications and the goals you identified. Share in the comments and/or on Dribbble and Twitter #100daysdesign.