Project Description

Project Description


Use your notes and observations to redesign the coffee buying experience.  

What it is.

Now that you’ve conducted contextual inquiry, apply your data to a redesign of the coffee shop user experience.

How it’s used.

Data like this is key to the design process. Now you have some idea of what works and what doesn’t work in the particular coffee shop you observed and you can start redesigning it.


What did you find out? Were the lines too long? The menu hard to understand? Did you observe customers getting lost, confused, impatient? What about the moments of delight, did you see any of those?

This is the data that will form the foundation of your redesign. Feel free to envision a new menu, new interior design, an app for pre-ordering, a clerk that meets customers at the door. Design anything you like as long as you can show how it improves on an existing problem.


  • Use your contextual inquiry date to redesign a user experience

  • Show how your new designs improve on existing pain points

Tips & Tricks

  • Identify delight, too. Those things that made customers happy shouldn’t be thrown out in the redesign.
  • Think about how to emphasize them or make them more prominent instead.

Your Assignment

Redesign the experience at the coffee shop you observed


It’s time to put your data to use. You can…

  1. Draw up a new floor plan or rework the customer flow through the store
  2. Design a new menu or rename the drinks
  3. Improve the lighting, instruct the clerks on how to interact with customers, or
  4. Move the entire store to a new location

Feel free to make any changes you want, as long as you can show that your new design improves on a pain point in the existing user experience.


Share your designs, blueprints, notes or wireframes in the comments and/or on Dribbble and Twitter #100daysdesign.