We gather enough data about your user groups to understand similarities and divergences in how they use your product. As an example, an internal dashboard that’s used by agents to keep track of customer accounts may also be used by managers to keep track of agents and productivity. The manager and the agent are separate personas, with separate use cases for your application. We take that information to design intuitive interfaces that work for both personas.

Empathy mapping

We learn how your user’s feel about your application with empathy mapping. Empathy mapping and the user’s journey through the application uncovers biases, frustrations, pain points and moments of delight which we can then leverage to improve your customer’s experience.

Use cases

Sometimes user’s have different goals when using your applications–and sometimes those goals are in conflict with your business. For instance, a customer trying to find a movie time on their mobile phone while standing outside the theater is often frustrated by ads that slow down or derail their task. Identifying goals and friction points between users and businesses helps us provide advice on how applications can be designed to satisfy all.